Teacher Wanjiku and Sleepy David

Monday 11th March was indeed not business as usual at Kiza as the big notice went up “sorry, we will be closed tonight.’ Gladly, we were facing no challenge to host the ever growing Rub a Dub Monday’s but closed for a big celebration. At the stroke of Sundowner, which is breathtakingly captured from our premises every happy hour, final touch ups were going on at the ballroom with the sensational Jemo Jozee and the Gogosimo band testing the sound with comedians Teacher Wanjiku and Sleepy David, indeed the 5th anniversary doubled with Kiza’s staff party was going to be lit. A sweet aroma filled the 8th floor as guests, well Kiza staff, dressed in their finest cloths checked in one by one sharing pleasantries and occasionally posing for selfies.

Our Director Judy Gitau flanked by Kiza’s support and managers were at hand to usher in the guests while the band serenaded the seated guests.  The man of the hour, Kiza’s Managing Director, Ali Oumarou was in time just to settle in for the sumptuous diner as the ground rules were read out and respective beverages served. The Masters of ceremony were a perfect combo that left all in chocking through their meal and stitches. While at it the directors were invited on stage for the most anticipating yet rewarding part of the night, honoring top achievers of the year.

 5 years and Counting

“It was not necessarily a smooth year but we thank everyone who has been part of this journey. Five years as a leading entertainment spot, we have definitely hit a record,” said Judy Gitau amidst cheers.

“We have had our rough edges but we have remained strong and hopeful as a family so today we honor you all,” added Mr Ali before proposing a toast. The party was officially on.


Winners in various departments were recognized and presented with a certificate of appreciation.

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And what’s a party without getting down? Kiza’s in-house deejay’s rose to their element as we flocked the dance floor and mingled the night away waiting for dawn, at the start of yet another day of awesome Kiza’s service delivery. What a night!

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